Newhall Set Honey First Harvest


A jar of raw honey from our Newhall apiary near Nantwich Cheshire. This First Harvest honey has been processed so that it sets with a fine-grained spreadable texture.

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A jar of raw set honey from our Newhall apiary between Nantwich and Whitchurch, in Cheshire,

This smooth, spreadable set honey has very fine crystals that should just melt on your tongue. It has a mild taste that pairs very well with toast, or in warm milk or tea.

The bees overwintered at this apiary and got off to a cracking start – spring came very early this year with a lot of early warm weather. The local farmer plants a lot of oilseed rape [canola] close by and the first flowers were visible already by mid March. Prunus species also flowered well this year with a good display of blackthorn and damson flowers in the hedgerows.

Although it has been strained to remove any stray pieces of wax, it has never been filtered so retains all of the pollen naturally present in honey. If you prefer a perfectly clear liquid honey, I would encourage you to buy something else! This jar of honey has been deliberately encouraged to crystalise in a specific way, but if you really must, it can also be made runny again by gently warming the jar to about 60°C a water bath is best but you could also use the oven; it will probably take about an hour to clear.

It is sold in a traditional glass honey jar, with a metal screw lid and tamperproof label.

Honey is not recommended for children under 1 year old, as per NHS advice.

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