Brereton Honey Late Harvest


A jar of honey from our Brereton apiary, near Sandbach in Cheshire – Late Harvest.

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Honey from our Brereton apiary, near Sandbach – Late Harvest.

This apiary is on the border of Brereton and Arclid parishes, in Cheshire, England. The bees were here all summer however the combs given to them during the Spring and Summer were already extracted (our Brereton Summer Harvest Honey) This batch samples the late-summer season around the month of August – there’s usually still lots of flowers about particularly this year when summer just seemed to keep going and going.

After being strained to remove any stray pieces of wax it has been left to settle and then jarred. It has not been filtered so retains all of the pollen naturally present in honey.

Like all honey, this will eventually crystalise. If you prefer a perfectly clear liquid honey, gently warm the jar to about 60°C a water bath is best but you could also use the oven, it should take about an hour, maybe less.

It is sold in a traditional glass honey jar, with a metal screw lid and tamperproof label.

Honey is not recommended for children under 1 year old, as per NHS advice.

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