Audley Set Honey 2020 Late Harvest


Last few 350g jars of set honey from our Audley apiary in the very northwest corner of Staffordshire.

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A 350g jar of set honey from our Audley apiary in the very northwest corner of Staffordshire between Crewe and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

These are the last few jars and may have some slight differences in label placement and/or a “frosting” pattern due to the way this honey has naturally crystallised against the glass. Obviously it still tastes good inside!

The bees spent all season at this apiary and despite getting off to a good start, poor weather in early summer meant that they ate most of the stored honey themselves, therefore no early harvest was made. They started bringing in nectar again around when the Himalayan Balsam was flowering as well as some late brambles and it was harvested at the very end of the season. After being strained to remove any stray pieces of wax it has been jarred and allowed to crystallise. It is fine grained and easily spreadable on toast. It has never been filtered so retains all of the pollen naturally present in honey.

If you prefer a perfectly clear liquid honey, I would encourage you to buy another of our products, however, it can also be made runny again by gently warming the jar to about 60°C a water bath is best but you could also use the oven; it will probably take about an hour to fully clear.

It is sold in a hexagonal glass honey jar, with a metal screw lid and tamperproof label.

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